The evolution of a system designed to last
Benelli has renewed its ARGO E gas recovery system in its design, materials and action. A new piston guarantees jam-free functioning and new components made from special materials deliver the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

Argo Endurance. The only Class A rifle tested by Italian Proof House

THE TOUGHEST: Only Argo E passed BNP’s strict reliability test: 3000 rounds with different types of ammunition without jamming once – even under extreme conditions (from -40°C to + 50°C) including being dragged through sand (a test demanded by military standards). Argo E really is the most reliable rifle in the world.

THE SAFEST: Only Argo E passed the tough forced loading and drop tests demanded by NATO standards, confirming the absolute reliability of its locking system and guaranteeing hunters maximum safety under all circumstances. No other rifle on the market today can guarantee such a high level of safety.

THE MOST ACCURATE: Only Argo E maintains its unrivalled shooting accuracy even after thousands of rounds. Thanks to the exclusive steel and cryogenic treatment of the barrel.
Performance rating chart
The new system close up
The new system in steel